Which function when entered into cell h2 and then dragged to cell h6

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So when it's analyzing each cell in row A2, it By doing this, we have locked the column to always be C. So even when cell A2 is being checked for the formula, it will check C2, and when A3 is checked This method, highlighted mostly cells that said Active, ?? I then capitalized all the INACTIVE rows...

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In the Function Arguments wizard, enter the following: Serial_number: G2 Return_type: 3 Click OK. Double-click the fill handle of the selection box for cell H2 to autopopulate the remaining cells in the column. (Hint: The result displayed in cell H2 should be 6, and the final formula should read, =WEEKDAY(G2,3).)

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In Excel cell function and references are helpful to better understand Excel spreadsheets. Whenever you work with Excel, you'll enter information—or content—into cells. Cells are the basic building blocks of a worksheet. You'll need to learn the basics of cells and cell content to calculate...Press the "Enter" key to obtain the result. Copy and paste or drag the formula to the remaining cells. Note: The two formulas of Excel (in the preceding examples) should be entered excluding spaces and without the beginning and ending quotation marks.When you copy a cell that has a formula in it and paste it to a range of multiple cells, it will copy that formula to each cell in Formula: The formula below is entered initially into cell B3, and then copied into the range B3:H3, for this example. Click and drag the fill handle right until reaching cell H3.

Then cell.Value _ = Left(cell.Value, Len(cell.Value) - 1) You can enter this code either exactly as shown on two lines, or on a single line without the trailing underscore character. Key names Names of keys on the keyboard appear in normal type, for example Alt, Home, PgDn, and Ctrl. Neighboring cells can be merged in vertical or horizontal direction. The result will be one cell occupying two rows or columns simultaneously. Hover the pointer arrow over the names of columns until it looks like a cross. Holding down the left mouse button, drag the boundary to set the desired column width.Count cells with multiple criteria (OR logic). Count numbers between X and Y. How to use cell references in COUNTIF and COUNTIF formulas. When you want to count items with identical criteria, you still need to supply each criteria_range / criteria pair individually.