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The name must start with an unaccented, 7-bit ASCII alphabetic character. It may be followed by other 7-bit ASCII letters, digits, underscores or dollar signs. No other characters, including spaces, are valid. The name is case-insensitive, meaning it can be declared and used in either upper or lower case.

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For a two-dimensional array, in order to reference every element, we must use two nested loops. This gives us a counter variable for every column and every row in the matrix. int cols = 10; int rows = 10; int[] [] myArray = new int[cols] [rows]; // Two nested loops allow us to visit every spot in a 2D array.

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In order to generate SQL SELECT statement, get() method is used along with various other functions. Example:-Let’s say you have a MySQL table named ’employee_master’ with the following fields – C# regex: match a string starting with x and ending with y, not including the ending part & match the last occurence of a pattern. I've got a sql statement like this and we need to modify it for our own use: The (....) part contains other sql statements, may include keywords SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY as...

Mar 23, 2008 · The demo app is using manually updatable bindings (which was not discussed in Part 5) As you can see, there is a fair bit to talk about just on this one subject. I think the best bet is to tackle this one thing at a time, in the order described above. LINQ to SQL. As I am using SQL Server and VS2008, why not use LINQ to SQL I thought. I just start to learn SQL server now. In SQL Server Management Studio->RegisterServers->double click your server to open the Object Explorer -> right click to select the properties window ->General Tab - to see the or Open a new query in SQL Server Management window and execute the following.